Distributed Blinds & Shades

The quality and character of each woven shade begins with the careful examination and selection of premium natural fibers. During harvest season, we work with farmers in close proximity to our weaving facility. There, we select only the finest rapidly-renewable materials using strict measures for color, texture and durability. After loom preparation, which includes dying, sun bleaching and hand-tying each fiber, a loom master weaves our signature textile designs using a complex rhythm of warps and wefts. Artisans at our Oregon finishing facility then carefully craft each Shade, Drapery, Panelscreen and Top Treatment to the designer’s precise measurements. Through this process, each HARTMANN&FORBES branded shade becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to be appreciated for generations.

Well-designed window fashions do more than simply cover a window. At Hunter Douglas, form and function are inseparable.

Great design is beautiful to live with, provides variable light control, insulates rooms against heat and cold while saving energy, protects your furnishings from damaging UV rays, and even absorbs sound, improving the acoustics in a room. And, our advanced operating systems make using our products a pleasure every day.

Now that’s artful window dressing. Lifetime guarantee.

Surround yourself with fresh patterns and hues. Instill your space with clean, modern lines. From sheer draperies to bold hardwood blinds, immerse yourself in a chic décor that puts your home in a whole new light.

Consider all the fresh, chic, modern possibilities.