About Us

Designers Wholesale Workroom has carved out a niche by providing outstanding service and selection to Florida’s interior designers and window treatment dealers.

Our focus is to provide our customers with start to finish service, completely managing your job so that you can do what you do best – design! We realize that interior designers have a world of problems to deal with, and window treatments should not be one of them.

Over the years we have added several fabrication divisions to support our workroom so that we can provide shades, hardware, and motorization to our design customers at fair prices and impeccable quality. Owning our own fabrication divisions allows us to maintain complete control of your job. The products that we do source for you come from reliable vendors with a proven history.

Using Designers Wholesale Workroom becomes your insurance policy that your job will be right. An interior designer’s reputation is their living, and a botched job could mean lost sales. We will provide you with price quotations that are all inclusive, and we will stick to them. You will also receive design assistance through our dedicated sales and customer service teams. We will provide you with yardage quotations and fabric management so that you can rest assured that your job will go smoothly. Your installation will be professionally done and dressed to the highest standards. Since we are providing the total package, there will never be any “finger pointing” if there are any issues. If your job is not right, we will make it right!